I will be extremely pleased if you trust and let me write your story with my imagination

I am a happy husband of the most beautiful woman in the world.
Together we travel anywhere in the world to photograph the most beautiful moments in people's lives.
We love to travel and in this case as wedding photographers not limit ourselves only to Brasov, but much of the events in which we participate are spread all over the country, trying to time to become wedding destination Photographers, to pass the country's borders , traditions to discover new places and special people!

 What we really love is spontaneous, real story and emotion. People, stories and emotions inspires us most when photographing. 

I am glad that you came to my world, my photography ...
I am man with two faces. Eternal smiling with a million ideas for a minute. On the other hand, the sensibility man in love with rock ballads.
I love the state of wonderful emotions, this positive disorder on my wedding day, vibrating hearts and wet eyes that often accompany those in love. Looks before the most important words are special and unique, and magical gestures. I want the most beautiful memories to spill out of my photos and the photography was timeless. I'm Mihai Medves, My mission... to tell stories with the camera..

I capture what is the most beautiful in life

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